Sunday, March 23, 2014

I write like
Arthur Clarke
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Negative Infinity Divided by Infinity = One The Jedi Moots

If reductionism seeks knowledge by extrapolating into the past that which mankind has managed to perceive thus far of the universe, so too can not holism extrapolate likewise into the future?  

Science recognizes evolution and emergence as valid processes of change.  It is from stardust and slime that mankind has gradually been transformed into a somewhat more complex form, but can we assume that such long-term processes have now suddenly stopped, or worse yet, would it be wise to assume that whatever it was that brought us into being has not occurred time and again elsewhere within our vast universe?  So what might an extra billion years or so of evolution and emergence mean to such a scheme of things?

On a closer note, assuming that fate disallows any more planetary catastrophes, then into what kind of being or form will homo sapiens (or any other such strange entities as may exist in the universe) transform and what technologies might exist given no more than another million years or so beyond where we currently stand?  Any honest assessment  would include that whatever beings as might exist could appear as something currently unimaginable to us and could perhaps even appear as all-powerful, all-knowing, magically endowed, etc., etc.   Assuming that mankind can absolve itself of its "center of the universe" complex, is it probable that a level of evolution significantly more advanced than our own has not already occurred?  

Under our current Cosmology there is no mathematical difference between the infinite simplicity* of the "big bang" singularity and the infinite complexity of our seemingly endless universe which reportedly continues to expand faster than the speed of light.  That is nice because by such reasoning it still appears that either one divided by the other will give the answer "1".  Alternatively, some of our bright fellows might propose that such a division would yield "0" but I digress.  Perhaps we'll even figure out the secret to "ultimate power" before something comes along and kills us all wherein we will become nothing more than a hopefully interesting moot point to whomever or whatever remains

*(is that an oxymoron or what?)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday, November 16, 2013

What does it matter anyway? The Nature of (Your) Cause and Effect

Can one person make any difference in the whole scheme of things?  Consider...
If you studied the above link it details how a small event such as the single flap of a butterfly's wings can initiate a chain of events leading to a massive hurricane.  Is any one person not more than a butterfly?  The better question may be stated as; "Do you or any single person have at least as much potential as the single flap of a butterfly's wings?"  The answer has been evident from the very moment any of the rest of the world started to become aware of your very conception.   Then and thereby you began to change the world forever in many ways - most of which you will never know.

One begins the true journey of Self-realization by first recognizing there is forever more unknown than known about anything at any time.  This stands true even following a sense of having reached Nirvana, the proof of which stands as the ineffability of such an experience which is usually fleeting in and of itself even if long lasting, life changing impressions remain.  If this seems a bit depressing... to actually realize any lifelong goal of obtaining ultimate knowledge is truly hopeless, the human mind is nevertheless wired to continue towards the distant horizon of "I know that" even if it does rapidly become "I knew that".   

Consider, "I only know that I know nothing", which is a statement attributed to Socrates who is a founder of  Western philosophy and regarded as one of the wisest of men who ever lived on this planet.  This is in no way implying that Eastern philosophy or proponents thereof carry any less merit in the overall scheme of things but only that describing an ultimate goal or even reaching such a goal remains a very long way from actually "owning it" so to speak.  In the absence of any direct access to something akin to the akashic record, however, let us assume that perhaps Socrates got this one right even if (or perhaps because) it is plainly a paradox.

A pyramid that is built from the top down usually describes a scheme that is predestined to fail.  A pyramid which is designed to grow and last is built using a very broad and strong base whereby the broader the base, the higher the apex.  Conversely, a newborn child perceives itself as the center of the universe, the the focus of all things, at the apex of the ultimate collection of conceptual pyramids.  It is the task of each of us "children" along with the help of our family, friends, teachers and spiritual leaders to continually build the bases/basis by which we can grow.

One can have freedom of choice, but not freedom from the ultimate consequences of a wrong choice, and yet we generally persist in ignoring the lessons handed down to us by previous generations.  Each generation is evidently determined to test whether we are now immune to such consequences.  There is much to be said for karma to give a well deserved nod to those on the Eastern Philosophy side, even though the ancient Egyptian concept of Ma'at  possibly predates most of such similar concepts having originated within the Spirituality of mankind's earliest civilizations.  

Herein we'll start with some of the non-spiritual basics of cause and effect and follow up with a video regarding where all this knowledge that mankind somehow does manage to collectively retain is apparently leading us.  It is now worth noting that some ancient mystics and modern physicists seem to be thinking alike in that while "all is illusion" is an ancient concept, we now have The Holographic Universe as a new way to view things... "highlighting parallels between ancient mysticism and quantum mechanics.  Whew!  Yet on the other hand it is good to remember that you can stub your toe smartly on that illusion of a rock.

At this link some nice folks, each at the apex of their particular professional pyramid give us their glimpse/prognostication of how to prepare for the good times yet to come.  I found the introduction quite moving, making the actual panel discussion rather anticlimactic in spite of its apparent potential.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Catharsis Hypothesis

Perhaps violent video games serve yet
another purpose...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Half Way Home

Come now Bridget, let us play
your pleasures seek of
inking dawn, another day
you fickle twiget
purple midget
tease with purpose
of your own

belay me not with mundane prances
show me more creative dances
wicken to me greater chances
fore I fade away

ere daun forever grieves the morrow
bid me not creative sorrow
in a bed of ever dreaming
heal me where I lay