Friday, August 28, 2015

An Alternate Perspective On Legal Abortion and Human Fetal Tissue Research

An Alternate Perspective On Legal Abortion and Human Fetal Tissue Research

Should any woman wish to call me wrong me for posting such unqualified statements, since I am a man, I could not call you wrong. That would be the place for another woman. Other men are as fully qualified to judge my opinions about how a woman, particularly one in deep emotional stress, would react to a situation as I am to write them, and that is not at all. Take no offense please, ladies, I confess to complete ignorance to such in advance.

Any subject which represents a personal, and even a national crisis is nothing to be lightly considered or heavily handled. If a woman's pregnancy represents that individual's crisis instead of the blessing it should be, a variety of good and well qualified counseling should be easily available to be sought without fear of immediate condemnation and/or later incrimination. Every effort should be made to resolve the crisis with an emphasis being made that any support necessary can be provided, and that if the birth mother can't or doesn't want to keep the baby, then it nevertheless has a good chance of finding itself in the loving family and home that maybe the prospective mother never had for herself. At this point, any shame to be had belongs only to those who would in any way put the baby and mother at risk. It's time for one woman to make a serious, life or death choice while being in what may be a seriously distressed mental state .

I doubt there are many women who actually enjoy having abortions, so there seems a natural bias exists in favor of seeking whatever real help might be available. There may also be a bias to avoid seeking help from close family and any local qualified (see below) ministers who, in an ideal world, should provide the best safety net, however, it should be realized that if such persons exist at all, they have already failed in their own duties at least once. Such counseling is a job for which no man will ever be qualified. That's not a question of equal opportunity, only equal qualifications. If you still can't confess that no man can ever understand how a woman thinks, then your relationship with the opposite sex has yet to be tested. Ideally and God willing, then the good, tireless, fully qualified and well funded efforts of other women will result in a live birth, happy baby and mother, and society will have done it's best in this regard.

We do not, however, live in an ideal world and regardless of the degree of our efforts, we cannot expect to save every child, even by this full opportunity process, any more than an honest Christian can expect to know every way of God immediately upon baptism. Trying to do so might be deemed commendable by some, but such is the vanity and folly of man. If this full counseling process between women alone is driven underground, or more likely out of existence by the damnation and removal of the "immoral" governmental law which makes individual choice openly possible, the real truth is that much ethical and moral ground will then be lost.

If those who are labeled Christians take credit for this "boon", just how many women carrying an unwanted child will ever seek "more" help from you who forces their choice, much less those who might someday find themselves in such a state. What real service have you then done your Lord? What many people seemingly cannot fathom is that a woman facing a pregnancy crisis alone, without benefit of the comfort, reassurance and education that good counselors provide, may take the only choice that seems open to her in that relatively narrow window of opportunity, which is to abort the child. If faced with breaking a law which is deemed unjust, doing so presently seems very popular in some social circles and there will be lots of "support" for that decision.

If such is the case, attempting to force a new "moral" version of governmental law that some call for actually has the potential to kill more babies than the current "immoral" version, while perhaps also killing or permanently harming many women in the process. Why would anyone be pushing for a new law that does not offer any good solution to real problems, but does create new ones? Vanity perhaps? If I say it is better to spend your efforts instead to save those who can make a choice, it doesn't mean to abandon hope for the children. Children already belong to God, it is the vanity of the unfaithful to think you can help them more than Him, and what chance will you have to save them in this world if you leave no open door for their vessel?

Performing miracles on a Sabbath day was considered both immoral and illegal in his day, but Jesus did so anyway because of his love, and was thereby condemned by some. While some may cast stones (literally in some cases!) at abortion parlors, there will always be characters to play that role, legally or not, whether out of compassion or just for profit. Stories about folding tables and coat hangers are not imagined, they're history. Do you suppose that the drugs currently available to induce abortions are not available at our local black market "super mall", perhaps right next to the "X" which may have initiated the crisis in the first place?

Any time of crisis is morally perceived as a time to minister, not to condemn. If any Christian has some confusion about how God feels about legal abortion and the judgment of anyone, I suggest you pray (and read) about it, if you're so inclined. Romans 13 and 14 would be an excellent start! Clue: you are not in authority of the law here, God has chosen for us. In case you missed the message somewhere, all men (and women) are your brother and you may be just a big stumbling block. "Do not judge, least you be judged yourself!" Guess who said that (it's in red in my own Bible, you might have to look it up.) If such words induce you to flame, better here and now than later when it really counts!

I for one, do not wish to see one crisis merely turned into another, equally sad or more so by the passage or reinterpretation of symbolic "feel good" governmental laws. This is spiritual warfare which will never be won through man's law alone, particularly if it forfeits the last and perhaps only opportunity to even talk with a prospective mother. Satan himself could not come up with a better plan to guarantee that abortions continue! Abortionists should be made to elect out of business due to economic necessity instead of moving them (and maybe our own children) into the already booming underground society. Who is called Lord there?

If you torment women, and through your brash and vain efforts, should it happen that you or your "minister" never get that opportunity to look into the desperately seeking eyes of a woman or child who might have sought your help in their time of need, who might have given you a chance to save both her and her baby - because you have already judged them and already made a decision for them that should have been made only by the woman, whereas you'll still feel smug in your morality all the way to your own Judgment, now at least you can't then claim "I didn't know", so just rely on "I didn't believe".

Even a legal abortion is not a choice made between good or bad, only bad or worse. And such a decision is solely that woman's to make! If that killing is a sin, then it is hers alone. If anything is conceived in sin, who's to say it cannot also die in sin. Remember the child of David and Bathsheba? Would you dare to call God a murderer? David was redeemed. If you call yourself Christian, do you then also believe that God murdered his own son? For surely God could have spared Jesus from death had that been his plan, but that plan is for redemption also. If killing is ever moral, then it is justified as being for redemption or as being of God's own wrath.

If you are mortal man, do you claim to always recognize the difference between what is original sin, the redemption of sin or God's own wrath? Do you also always recognize the instruments of God's wrath, or His redemption, or do you claim such titles for yourself? This issue you may seek to force for the sake of your own judgments is already a personal tragedy which may or may not have been originated by a woman who will nevertheless face God herself when that time comes. With God, through Jesus Christ, there is always hope for redemption of sin, but if, claiming to be a follower of Christ, you turn away that woman who could have been His, then I for one call you either false or just very, very confused.

"Allow the dead to bury their own dead; but as for you, go and proclaim everywhere the kingdom of God." Jesus Christ, Luke 9:60. Jesus did not say "Well then, lets run right down to that funeral so I can raise that dead guy and show you what real preaching is all about and we can save all those souls right now! Let's wait to pass the plate after I've impressed everybody!" There is a time, place and reason for everything. And it is not the place of Christians to do anything that is not in keeping with His teachings. Not all souls will be saved, and the Day of the Lord is ever sooner upon us. So don't waste time if you call yourself His, but spend your efforts instead to save those who can make a choice of their own.

Such is the truth, that the most basic and simple elements of Christianity, written and versed for almost 2,000 years, elude those who would force their own belief of it upon others. In truth you must open your heart to the Holy Spirit first, or you are counted among those who have "eyes that do not see, ears that do not hear." You cannot force salvation upon anyone, they have to accept it freely, the same way it is given.

Redemption and salvation of your own soul is a gift, given freely in love by God, not in return for money, not in return for deeds or good works, it is yours to just take. That redemption and salvation was already paid for dearly by the death of Jesus Christ, God's own son who was on earth briefly to teach, to heal and to give God's message of His love. No man can offer as much.

As with any gift, you must be willing to receive it, recognize yourself to the Deliverer and acknowledge Him before others. Only then will He acknowledge you before his Father in Heaven and thus be spared Judgement, for all have sinned. Do not let any false messenger cause you to turn away the true Deliverer, but seek the Truth in God's Word for yourself and, if possible, keep the company of other believers so as to give strength to each other, spread the good news to others who will listen and love.

So I say, if you choose to have an abortion, you also choose to kill what is surely as human as you are, for it is of your own flesh, that which could grow to be your own child. And yet I favor giving you that choice, for who am I? Whether your choice is moral or not, God knows! My faith is that you will be judged by Him alone. Seek redemption before any more sin if you will, but seek redemption nevertheless before it is too late. You have only until that day of judgment, the secret of which belongs to the Father alone. As Jesus said to the woman whom he had just saved physically from being stoned to death for her adultery, "Neither do I condemn you; go your way. From now on sin no more." John 8:11

And for those who say, "it's not really a human life, not a person, not yet", what do you know? Would you plead your ignorance before God? For what is a soul, if not spirit, and what is a spirit, if not the spirit of life itself? Is there not a difference between what you are, and the sum of your body parts? Is your life some randomly generated, electrical type of animation of your own meat brains and bodies that makes both work, yet somehow it gives you complex thoughts, insights and vivid dreams, the likes of which you cannot understand? You decide that for yourself, but not for me. To me it is your life, your spirit, your soul. It is God's gift, and if you acknowledge him not, you then choose to joined forever with Satan, who has no love for any man.

And yes, even the animals have souls, for why else would God even bother to establish a covenant with them at the same time he did man. His covenant was made to include "every living creature of all flesh" Genesis 9:15 God said that he would judge the animals also, and what will be be the judging of, if not their own soul? He has also given the animals for man to eat, but their spirits (by way of their blood) are for God. Their flesh is simply called "meat".

The results of abortions should be dead and buried if you honor any humanity or even the possibility of God. "Let the dead bury their own dead". Who could ever apply so much meaning to so few words?. That which would, with only a little time, have been a baby, a child and then a man or woman did not choose to make a "transfusion" or an "organ donation, and it is morally wrong that someone would make that choice for them. Donations of, and for life are nothing less than a sharing of your soul as well, because the spirit is with it, at least according to God's Word, and it is good that people should choose to do so because Christ shed his own blood for us. If human fetal tissue is dead, it is then just human flesh, fit only to be buried, as according to God's plan. But if human flesh remains living - trading in such flesh is like unto slavery and the partaking of living human flesh is nothing but abomination in God's eyes. But that's just my opinion, please form your own opinion, make your own choice.

Does a human embryo have flesh? If so, would you call it dog flesh, human flesh or just ignore any need to label it other than "cells". Excuse me, that's "living cells", at least for a little while. Would you call it your "meat"? If you take it into your body without the permission of it's owner, that is what you do, you make it your meat. If flesh is living, then it has a soul, even if you deny your own. God has given man authority over the animals to eat, but not over other men.

On "Human Fetal Tissue Research"

Although moral choice as to these topics are totally unrelated, legal abortion and human fetal tissue research, some may think it so. Herein lies the truth. This label "fetal tissue research" seems designed to convey benefit to all mankind, after all, it's being sold as a cure for the worst of ailments currently being unfairly inflicted upon the unfortunate masses, all of whom have their own "rights" not to suffer so. After all, no one should ever suffer like that for any reason, right? It is very promising and shows great hope, offering both increased knowledge and perhaps even immortality by way of it as an ultimate goal and reward for it's proponents.

Such an appeal is universal, who could not want it? The original of such sales pitches is divine in origin, and to use it to promote your own purposes is most clever. Who could have thought of such a thing?

However, in the interest of due diligence, we should carefully pull off that label and see what is really underneath. We might see something like:

"Live Human Flesh Exploitation Technology and Pharmaceutics Company, Inc. - a submission of your own "in kind" contribution may have already been provided by your HMO, clinic or doctor without your permission, but thank you very much anyway. It's for good things, you know. Want to buy some stock, we're doing very well."

If you would seek to obtain such "benefits" for yourself and mankind, I suggest you pray about it first. Pray real hard! And if you don't believe in God, it will not matter to you in the end, so go ahead. After all, you're only meat and maybe another person who thinks like you do will some day decide that your own meat is best served on his plate, alive! That will be his choice, and claiming your "rights" will avail you little.

For the killing of humans to be deemed moral, it must be for redemption by God, or on account of the wrath of God. For who's original sin should millions of such souls, however tiny, be killed by man's election? Is it for redemption? Is it the wrath of God? Or will it ultimately incur such a wrath unto us who chose to let it happen? Don't just feel sorry for those souls or the children they would have developed into, they are already with God, just fear God's Wrath upon us all!

I therefore wish to hereby warn all of you who take sides between "right to choose" and "right to life". First, there is no "right to" anything. We make choices, individually or collectively (sometimes a simple majority will do) for ourselves and for those under our authority and then God either allows it or He doesn't. He wants you to make a choice, for thereupon you will be judged! You will incur His wrath for the choices you make if they are wrong (for they are then called sin), either individually or collectively, that is His choice. Sometimes the innocent suffer his wrath also. Such is way of God, it doesn't seem fair, but God is God.

Secondly, there are already highly motivated and/or highly paid people who wish to further confuse what we're talking about here. One is an individual choice question (should she, or should she not have a choice). The other is something entirely different, a question of whether we as a society will make the choice to allow some humans to actually partake of living human flesh (or products derived therefrom) for their own, perhaps selfish reasons.

These confusers can do so by saying "so what's the big deal, you were going to throw this stuff out anyway, so it can't be human or people, nothing like that. We're buying and selling it from the back doors of the clinics. The law would not allow that if it was wrong would it? Our laws are good! We ought to continue to use this stuff for the good of mankind!" We can even get some taxpayer dollars for the "research"."

As simple as I can make it:


But as to the other,


Please don't give over one issue into another, too much is at stake. Form your alliances carefully. I think we're smart enough to address both issues for what they are. Please tell your friends if you care, and those who've been appointed in authority, but keep this message in whole, addressing both issues together. For what is a half truth is but a lie and Satan is father to all such.

The Truth is found only in the Spirit that is called Holy, for who do all the others serve? If you be a friend, or if you care for the world, let everyone decide for themselves what parts of these writings are true or false, and then you will have made your own choices and you shall learn more about your friends, one way or the other. It's all about the choices you make, if you can.

In Love,
A Christian Brother